Happy summer season from the Ocean Culture Team! We hope you're getting out on the dunes and having a blast this summer. Enjoy the holiday season and be safe, wherever you are. If you have any sandboarding photos or videos that you'd like to share, head over to our FaceBook Page and share your adventures with us!

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Design service & custom deck graphics available at Ocean Culture®

Ocean Culture custom graphics for your sandboard... Inquire now!

Ocean Culture :: Laminated Decks

Wide range of laminates available from Ocean Culture... solid colours, pastels, marbles, quartz, quarry, wood grains, specialty laminates and more...just ask! 

Board Colour Options  *Please note that the sandboards displayed on our website are not representative of all laminate colours and patterns available at any given time. If you have a preference for colour please advise during the ordering process via the "your note to us" text field. Alternately, if you are a cracking design artist or have an idea for a custom board graphic, drop us a line and inquire about our new design service and rates!