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SOLD - Freeride SB-X - Mystic 'Kite' Straps

Weight: kg

Recommended for high speed downhills, freeriding and jumps. Beginner-Advanced Performance Board



Mystic 'Kite' Footstraps | Diamond Grip Foot Pads | Regular Blend Board Wax | Glide Summer Blend Wax


Stance Options (which direction you ride):

"Goofy" = Right foot facing first

"Natural" = Left foot facing first


The Freeride 'SB-X' is a fast, sturdy board for riders at any level and also great for beginners being stable and forgiving. Its design is based similarly to a snowboard shape ; featuring a wider deck, increased overall length, greater 'effective edge' (the base area in contact with the sand) and round shaped nose & tail kicks with extended side-cut and drawn out rails. This gives the board a ton of stability, with enough flexibility for long directional turning and carving. The foot strap system is set further towards the tail, reducing forward take-offs and giving the rider more control in executing turns and maintaining balance.



The design features of this board model are better enhanced when equipped with Mystic Kite asymmetrical footstraps and Ocean Culture's custom-made 'Adjust-Loc' heel straps. We HIGHLY recommended this as our most secure foot binding system which provides the rider with the best set up; enabling advanced riding skills  with the ability to control speed and turns more precisely on the sand.



  • 9-Ply Wood Core Construction 
  • 'Twin Tip’ Symmetrical Design 
  • Laminated Deck
  • 'Lite-Base' (Gloss White Laminate Base)
  • Nose & Tail = 7cm Kick Height (Medium-High Profile)
  • Hard Edge Rails 
  • 2x2 Bolt Hole Pattern
  • 5mm 'Diamond Grip' Traction Pads 



 Length: 121cm  Width: 27cm  Waist: 24cm  Side-cut: 1.7cm  Effective Edge: 75cm